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Microsoft Server

Set up your company's in-house IT infrastructure with Windows Server

Windows Server is the optimal Server Management Solution for corporate use. Both large and small companies that require powerful IT capacities frequently rely on a server infrastructure that is perfectly atuned to their requirements. This allows processes to be bundled and costs saved. The high level of compatibility with Microsoft programs and the simple setup make Windows Server one of the most widely used server platforms within the commercial sector. This factor along with the open developer system mean that users of Windows Server have access to thousands of already developed and proven applications from the developer community.

See for yourself and be impressed by the wide range of services offered by Windows Server

  • Server virtualisation, with a view to expanding physical hosts with virtual capacities
  • Storage optimisation for scalable and effective storage solutions
  • Network administration as with your own server
  • Automated server administration with a view to simplifying routine tasks
  • Development platform with access to thousands of application developments
  • Access control and data protection measures to safeguard the company server
  • Virtual desktop solutions for the efficientuse of resources in the VDI network

Making efficient use of IT resources has never been simpler

Make use of the hardware you have within your company and interconnect these with virtual capacities. It has never been simpler to set up efficient networks in which every user is provided with the resources that he/she requires. Within rapidly growing companies in particular, it is recommended that you implement a scalable system at a sufficiently early stage - one that conserves resources, makes work processes more efficient and supports project collaboration within a team context. Windows Server offers the ideal management software for just this purpose.

Virtual datacenter rather than multiple stand-alone solutions

Why rely on several stand-alone solutions if you can bundle your resources and capacities together? Windows Server enables you to provide every employee with a virtual desktop that offers a fully functional Windows environment. The computing power and programs are thus no longer accessed on the individual PC, but rather within the powerful and secure datacenter. Thanks to Hyper-V and modern VDI technology, three different modes can be selected when establishing the connection: this way remote desktop sessions, desktop pools and personal desktops can be set up effortlessly.

Windows Server at an affordable price for your company

The purchase of the new Windows Server software amounts to a significant investment. The use of a used licence on the other hand offers huge savings potential. With this option you receive a fully functional product key to authorise the installation, which you receive as a download. The use of Windows Server is not subject to a time limit, and nor is it limited in terms of scope.

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