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Express delivery via immediate download: it couldn't be quicker!

Saving money on the price is one of the decisive reasons why more and more companies are choosing used software from . Saving time is another!

When you order software for your company from us, not only is it far below the new price thanks to the purchase of volume licences, but you also get to enjoy our quick express delivery. This means you can already install and use your selected software packages on your devices shortly after ordering them. This is because we provide you with the original installation as an immediate download.

By doing so, you don't need to endure any long postal delivery times for installation CDs. Any potential problems with possibly faulty CDs and unreadable discs are therefore avoided. After completion of payment, you will receive an email from us containing a link. This leads you straight to the download site for your chosen software packages. You can therefore download the programmes onto your company computers the very same day and immediately install them. In this email, you will also find the product key which you can then use to activate the software.

How does that sound? Save yourself the trip to the store and boost your working efficiency already today!

Flexible payment methods = quick delivery

Pay how you want! We offer a large range of different payment methods for your order. Whether you'd prefer to pay immediately or not until you've received your products - with our variety of payment methods, you have the chance to pay exactly how you want to:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Prepayment
Depending on the country of billing some or all of the following payment methods may be available:
  • Sofort banking
  • Direct debit
  • Invoice
  • paydirekt
  • giropay
  • Cash with Barzahen
  • EPS
  • iDeal

Services like Sofort banking and giropay offer you particularly easy options to pay for your Windows and Office package licences. Here you can place a transfer from your bank account to immediately pay the invoice. This is the quickest method to complete payment and lead to delivery.

Payment by credit card, prepayment or upon invoice are also possibilities in order to install your selected Windows applications as quickly as possible. If you prefer to pay in cash, then we recommend the service provided by where you can pay your order in cash at locations throughout Germany.

Install your order on the same day

As we send your software quickly by email with a download link and offer many payment methods which enable quick completion, you can install your order on the same day!

With this service we'd like to contribute to increasing productivity in your company as quickly as possible. Use efficient and modern Microsoft applications and select the exact Office products which are needed for your company.

Whether you choose individual programmes from the Office Suite such as PowerPoint, Outlook or Publisher, or whether you want to bring your Windows operating system up-to-date - the installation download is effortlessly easy. After completion of the order and payment, we will send you the download link by email within 15 minutes.

Open the link and download the selected installation packages onto your computer. Then follow the easy and clear installation menu to install the chosen application onto your PC. The programme is then installed on your computer, however not yet activated. As soon as you open the application you will be asked to enter a valid product key which we also send you by email. Copy this key from the email and enter it when asked and then you can already make full use of your Microsoft products thanks to our express delivery.

Save time updating company PCs

Time is money! That should be clear to any company. This expression proves true in many ways when it comes to software updates. When you have more efficient and more up-to-date Windows software which is adapted to the requirements of your modern working environment, you and your colleagues can complete your tasks in a quicker, more organised and more effective way. Therefore, up-to-date Office applications and Windows operating systems help you to complete your work faster, whilst collaborative tools such as Microsoft Server or Groove help you to exchange data more quickly and bring all the members of a project team onto the same page.

Every extra day that you have a modern software infrastructure is a profit for your company!

Our express delivery is particularly helpful when you need used licence software not just for individual desktops but to bring the whole office up-to-date. Installations can be carried out straight away online without any CDs. This is also an advantage as not every device has a CD drive nowadays. You or your colleagues will receive the download link by email within 15 minutes. This means current versions of Windows or Office Suites can practically even be simultaneously installed on several computers.

Just like that, you benefit from original software.

You won't receive original Microsoft software any faster anywhere else. By using large volume licences, for example from company insolvencies, we have a wide range of used or to some extent still completely unused licence keys. These product keys are simply codes made up of figures and letters which are needed to activate Microsoft products. These can either be bought for the original price in stores or purchased for a clearly lower price from, without any long waiting times and with immediate email receipt.

15 Minutes - that's all that's needed for you to have the product key via express delivery in your inbox after purchase. After you have installed your selected programmes, you can enter the code and fully activate the application. Our express delivery supports you with

  • the installation of individual programmes
  • updating Windows operating systems in the whole office
  • quickly obtaining compatibility on old computers
  • the use of MS software on Macs
  • setting up collaborative software for the efficient development of particular team projects

Achieve compatibility - use the competitive advantage!

When companies use older and less powerful computers which don't have the latest software, one problem in particular is a repetitive daily occurrence. Poor compatibility!

We all know situations like this: you want to send a fully formatted Word document to a colleague for further work or to open a customer's complex Excel table, but it doesn't work. The file can't be opened, formatting is displayed incorrectly or strange characters are displayed which have no meaning - poor compatibility is often the explanation behind this. This is mostly due to differences between the version of the programme which the file was created in and the version which it should be opened in.

It's exactly then, when time is tight and the file is urgently needed to complete a project, that a quick solution is required. With our express delivery, you simply download the required newer version from the Office Suite or Windows range and install this on your PC within a short time. And already the file can be opened and worked on like you're used to!

Make the most of our competitive advantage and suitably equip older PCs in your company. As older devices especially can often have a weaker performance, we don't just offer the newest programmes like Windows 8, Windows 10 or Office 2016 - particularly for less powerful computers we also offer packages such as Office 2007 or Office 2010 which work well with less processing power and are highly compatible with both older versions and more current versions.

By doing so, data can be exchanged perfectly and projects can be completed.

30 30-day returns and constant support

Order your new Microsoft application software from! As well as cheap prices for used licences and express delivery within 15 minutes, you can also enjoy further advantages!

For all products that you order from us, you also receive a 30-day return period with a full money back guarantee. So you have no risks should a product not live up to your expectations. You have enough time after the sale to find out sufficient information about the product features and check them out. Then if you're not happy, you can simply give the product key back to us.

Support is also available for any questions or problems with our free hotline. Simply get in touch with our support team if you have any questions about purchasing, installing or using products. We are happy to help you gain full use of your original Microsoft products as quickly as possible to increase productivity in your company and simplify processes.

We are of course also available at any time after purchase for questions about the product keys or activating your software and we will endeavour to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

State of the art work - from today if you want!

Our online shop is available 24 hours a day. Discover today how much more productively you can work with modern programmes like Office 2013 and Windows 8. Let yourself be won over by the immense advantages of simple data transfer thanks to the cloud-based SkyDrive and clearly and efficiently exchange information on projects with your team at any time using Microsoft Project. Benefit from the touch screen compatibility of current operating systems and discover attractive desktop interfaces which make working with Windows a pleasure.

Enjoy our express delivery for Microsoft products at the cheapest price and you can already receive your licence key by email in the next 15 minutes!

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