Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise ESD MLK

GBP153.13* GBP50.47*

Powerful Windows with improved applications

In the development of Windows 7, the user interface has been improved and some applications revised in terms of user-friendliness. As a universal edition, Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise has the entertainment features of Home Premium and the enterprise-centric features of Professional. Also revised were alternative input methods and system security. For example, the operating system supports multi-touch and hard-disk encryption with BitLocker. In addition, you can always change the system language, a total of 35 different languages are available.

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise for individual use

As an operating system for all cases, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is aimed at different users. However, its high performance makes it ideal for small business owners who use their PC both privately and on business. It also offers private users and intensive players optimal scope of performance in various fields of application.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (32 & 64-bit version)
  • Processor min. 1 GHz, main memory min. 2 GB, hard disk space min. 20 GB
  • DirectX 9.0-compatible graphics card
  • License Type: Volume License (link for free download from official Microsoft server)
  • License for 1 PC, unlimited lifetime
  • Language: English (multilingual)

security update

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate has a restructured and improved security system. The system status is monitored at all times. In addition, hard disk and drive can be encrypted with BitLocker, which is built into the operating system to prevent access to sensitive data. The new error logger logs all post-boot processes and can store relevant troubleshooting information.

Easy download and effortless installation

You will receive the license key for Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate by e-mail. You can download the software for free from the official Microsoft server and activate it on a device using the product key. The operating system on this device can be used indefinitely. The product includes both the 32- and 64-bit versions, please also note the various system requirements.

  • Lizenztyp:
  • Volumen-Lizenz, Lizenzschlüssel OHNE Datenträger, Link zum kostenlosen Download der Software
  • Betriebssystem:
  • 64-bit
  • Anzahl Lizenzen:
  • 1PC, unlimitierte Dauer
  • Sprache:
  • deutsch (multilingual)
  • Datenträger:
  • keiner enthalten
  • Systemvoraussetzungen:
  • Prozessor min. 1 GHz,
    Arbeitsspeicher min. 2 GB,
    Festplattenspeicher min. 20 GB,
    DirectX 9.0-kompatible Grafikkarte
License type: Volume license, license key WITHOUT data carrier, link for free download of the software
Operating system: 64-bit
Number of licences: 1PC, unlimited duration
Language: English (multilingual)
disk: none included
System requirements: Processor min. 1 GHz, main memory min. 2 GB, hard disk space min. 20 GB, DirectX 9.0-compatible graphics card

You receive your personal product key (= free activation from a volume licence) together with information regarding the free download of the official installation file, as well as instructions regarding installation,
by email.

No physical product, that is, no data carrier (CD/DVD) and no Product Key Card (PKC) is provided!