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Symantec Norton Security V3.0 (2016) Deluxe (5 Devices) PKC

You get a PKC version that can be used EU-wide; Language can be selected!

Manufacturer: Symantec Norton
Item No: 579507
Delivery time: 0-1 h1
£ 71,07 28.9 £ 28,90 GBP 20 % VAT incl.
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Our best protection for the many ways you go online

  • Protects your PCs, Macs, Android and iOS mobile devices with just one subscription.
  • Protects your identity and your online transactions.
  • Warns you against risky Android apps using our world-class technology before you download them. 1
  • Best-in-class consumer safety service for your various devices. 1

We see more, analyze more and fight more online threats than ever before.

How long does it take for malware to infect your brand new computer? If you rely on free or low quality security software, maybe not too long.

Cyber criminals are more cunning than ever. They use a diverse arsenal of tools to gain access to your data. Other security products may not have the resources they need to keep up with new threats as they occur.

Norton products already. The more dangerous threats become, the better our products become. Our teams of security experts are constantly analyzing new threats and developing innovative ways to protect your devices from these threats.

We focus exclusively on security and provide one of the world's most successful security services.

Our focus on commitment and expertise brings numerous benefits to our customers. Norton products regularly outperform their competitors in numerous prestigious peer-to-peer tests. ** Only Norton products have received PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice" award 34 times, more than any other security company, for 34 consecutive years, 11 of them in a row. 1

Our cross-platform multi-device protection protects your data wherever it is located.

The more you are online with your various devices and the more personal information is stored on these devices, the more security you need. Do you use your tablet to watch videos or shop on the internet? Do you use your smartphone online to pay bills or check your balance? Your private information is distributed on your various devices. Make sure you stay private wherever you go.

With Norton Security, you can conveniently protect your computers, smartphones, and tablets across multiple operating systems with just one solution: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS - and Windows 10.

But Norton goes one step further by showing you whether the Android app you're about to download is shortening your battery life, or hiding potential privacy risks or even malicious programs - even before you install the app from Google Play.

1 Norton Performance: For detailed information on performance testing for Norton products, please visit:
Product Review and Certification Report by AV Test
PC Anti-Malware Protection 2015 by Dennis Technology Labs
Consumer Security Products Performance Benchmarks from Passmark Software

License type: License key WITHOUT data carrier with PKC (Product Key Card), Link for free download of the software
Number of licences: 5 devices (Microsoft, Apple IOS, Android), valid for one year starting from the activation of the license key
Language: multilingual
disk: none included
Operating system: Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Mac: Current and the two previous versions of Mac OS X Android: From version 2.3. The Google Play app must be installed iOS: From version 7

You receive your personal product key (= free activation from a volume licence) together with information regarding the free download of the official installation file, as well as instructions regarding installation,
by email.

No physical product, that is, no data carrier (CD/DVD) and no Product Key Card (PKC) is provided!

Have you already found your chosen product in our shop and been amazed by the enormous price saving? Are you happy to save yourself time on a trip to a store thanks to our immediate downloads? However, are you privately asking yourself whether such an enticing offer is even possible? And even, is all of this legal?

We can reassure you: yes, purchasing used software is 100% legal!

At you receive legal Microsoft software at low prices. You have the chance to buy used licences from us which are no longer needed. Due to this, we can offer them well below the new price. The price savings achieved here help you to upgrade your IT software cheaply. This especially pays off when you're not just planning to update one but several computers in your company with newer versions of Windows or Office and by doing so, to greatly increase productivity in your office. When you purchase the original software from Microsoft in a regular store, this entails a large investment. If you were to buy these programmes in store at their new price, the total on the bill would be far higher than when you purchase used software licences. When you order from us, however, you can enjoy low prices and quick delivery only 15 minutes after completion of payment!

Our support team can answer any questions about legally purchasing software.

If you're still asking yourself about the legality, or if you have any other questions about our product range, then we recommend that you get in touch with our support team. Our skilled employees are happy to answer any questions about our products as well as about the legality of purchasing used software. Simply call our free hotline or use the contact form on our website to send us an email with your question!

Of course, we are also available to answer any questions after purchase. Are you having problems activating your software or has your proof of purchase still not arrived via registered post a few days after your order? Our support team is happy to help and will endeavour to resolve any issues as quickly as possible for you. In any circumstances, you can be confident in purchasing fully functional, original software from the market leader Microsoft!

If you've already looked at a few products in our shop, you're sure to have noticed that products such as Windows Server, Windows Project, the Office Suite or individual programmes can be ordered here for a fraction of the new price. Perhaps you've already asked yourself how that is actually possible, and whether everything here can be legal.

The answer is simple: the used licences which you receive from us are sold off by large companies which have updated their own IT infrastructure and no longer need the licences they used up until that point. We approach these companies and buy their licences from them in large volumes. These licences, which are provided in the form of product keys and are needed to activate programmes, are still fully usable. So why should they just be thrown away and never used again?

But again: is this all legal? Yes! This approach is legally protected by a decision made by the European Court. This decision ruled that the general resale and reuse of these used licences is completely possible. In this way, both sides profit: companies who can receive money for their used licences and companies who don't need to pay the full price to update their IT, yet can still make use of the full functionality of the original software from the market leader Microsoft.

Why does installation take place virtually?

One of the biggest advantages of ordering from our online store, as well as the low prices, is the quick delivery. This is because we send you an email with the download link to install your selected software as well as the product key to activate it within 15 minutes after completion of payment. So you only have to open the link in order to install and set up the packages on your computer. The first time you open the programme, you will be asked to enter the product key in order to activate it. Simply copy this code from the email you received from us and enter it so that you can fully use all features of the software from that point on.

Perhaps you can remember, however, that the last time you installed software from Microsoft, you bought an installation CD which also served as proof of legal ownership for the programme.

But nowadays there is already another way to get original software. Microsoft themselves have also moved over towards distributing their software on the Internet as a download and this method has now become established as the new standard. You can therefore receive your desired productivity-boosting programmes much more quickly and use them on the same day. You save yourself the trip to the store and when you order from, you also plainly save money.

However, you also receive proof from us that you have legally purchased the software. The product key itself, which you receive by email from us, is the first proof, but this email will also contain a document which proves the legal purchase of the licence (transferral of licence holder). This means that you have legally protected proof that you have legitimately purchased your programmes.

The original Microsoft software that you receive from us will be installed on your computers completely new. This means that you will also have access to the full functional range of Office, Windows 8 & 10, Project, Visio or any other application that you choose from our online shop. Only the licences necessary for activation have already been used once and therefore count as used. There is, however, no time limit associated with the product keys. As with the first purchase of the product keys, you can also use the licences for as long as you want.

Essentially you can achieve all the same functions with the used licences from as you can when you buy the same software brand new. The only difference is that you can enjoy significant potential savings when buying used software.

The European Court of Justice and German courts have not only been working on usage duration for a long time, but also with the question of how long the software producer, in this case Microsoft, can make demands about how software and its licences can be used.

After numerous judgements, of which most went in the same direction, the courts agreed that the software producer relinquishes all rights to the licence to the purchaser upon sale and that it has no further influence on the licence when it is sold on.

The final verdict of the European Court of Justice was made in July 2012 and ruled that there was no problem with further sale. The other courts then followed with the same decision. This means that it has been clearly regulated and set down in law that the further sale of used licences is legal and all usage rights can be transfered from the initial purchaser to the second one. This is also the case for "non-physical" copies, i.e. an installation that is only transfered virtually or as a product key which is necessary for activation.

Licence holder means owner

Even if you do not receive an installation CD or another form of data storage to serve as proof of ownership for you, you can prove this at any time. According to the judgement of the ECJ regarding the further sale of used software, licence ownership serves as valid proof for the ownership of all software usage rights. Should the licence be sold, then all the usage rights for the respective software package transfer from the seller to the buyer.

It is, however, important that the software is first uninstalled by the seller so that the licence can no longer be used by them. We have, of course, ensured that this has been done for all licences that you can order from If the software is not uninstalled, then this can lead to a duplication of the software and leads to the rights belonging to the producer, i.e. Microsoft.

1 Receipt of payment provided. In case you choose to pay via prepayment, the delivery time is extended by 3-5 days from the date on which you have instructed your bank to transfer the purchase amount to the seller.